Jurran H.

My work with Still Serving Veterans, helped me translate my military skills into civilian competencies which boosted my confidence. Being unemployed for two months, I began to lose faith and doubt my abilities, but I am grateful for the SSV team which was proactive in following up with me even on unsuccessful interviews and helped me identify how to be better prepared for the next opportunity.

Alexander T.

"Still Serving Veterans helped me understand that my military experience directly correlated to the civilian workforce and I was able to implement my military style leadership tactics to help my new adventure to drive sales and boost morale. They also provided me assistance on how to target my audience on my resume, give me networking skills, and interview with success."

Karl S.

"I am impressed and greatly appreciate the professional support, recommendations, and assistance provided from Still Serving Veterans. With their assistance I was able to land a position. They were professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to assist all Veterans with their transition process."

Dave P.

"The constant contact, checking in, and heartfelt interest in Veterans and their well-being is the standard by which all organizations should be measured. I feel not like a client, but like a member of their team and family."

Chuck P.

"I am so thankful and appreciative for this service and for the “Still Serving Veterans” organization. I am a better person for having the experience of getting to know these outstanding men, tremendous women, and assistance and help that they gave to me was so beneficial in getting me hired. I wish I had known about this organization sooner."