M. Mahoney

"Love this organization. As a veteran trying to find a financially stable career can be a challenge. Still Serving Veterans has been there for me every step of the way providing me with resume assistance, constant email updates on job opportunities & job fairs and they're always available with excellent customer service. Not only do they provide you with excellent job opportunities but the companies that they recommend offer career opportunities not just a job. If you're a veteran looking for a career or just work in general do yourself a favor and let Still Serving Veterans help you achieve that goal"

- M. Mahoney

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T. Dunham

"The staff is always extremely helpful and friendly. Their assistance was a valued tool to helping me get adjusted to a unfamiliar civilian job market. They helped me realize that I learned several skills in the Army that I was not aware of."

- T. Dunham

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T. James

"They were and still are very interactive with me and continue to make sure that I am on the path to success. They continue to send me information about job opportunities, job fairs, as well as workshop schedules to help me with resume writing and interview skills. This is a Great organization for our veterans and I highly recommend them to all of our Vets!!!"

- T. James

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Stephen T.

"I went in and in one day had a good job and 6 months later I am going strong at the job. I have told other homeless vets to go there if they really want to get off the streets and work"

- Stephen T.

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