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Run for the Fallen - Huntsville

"I am asking that we join together in raising the conscious of America by remembering our Fallen Service men and women. This is a national event whose sole purpose is paying individual and collective tribute to every Hero. It will gather major momentum as it progresses and should stir the patriotism of every American."

America's Run for the Fallen is a nationwide relay foot run paying tribute to every military service member who has died while serving or because of serving during the War on Terror, since October 12, 2000. Running over 6,000 miles in nineteen states the Run for the Fallen will call out nearly 20,000 names. The run began on April 7th at Fort Irwin, CA and will end August 5th in Arlington National Cemetery. More details can be found here:


This patriotic effort will pass through north Alabama July 7-9.  A team of volunteer runners, along with a support crew running a specific timed schedule, will stop at one-mile intervals at pre-placed markers and call out the name of each fallen service member based on their chronological date of death. Family members, friends and patriots are invited to stand at the marker and hear each name called out in a short ceremony.  Each ceremonial stop is less than 1 minute as runners then continue toward the next marker.  At the end of each day a longer ceremony is conducted to enable all attending to hear every name for that day read again.

The run will pass through Madison County on the July 7-8.  The 7th of July leg will start in Lynchburg TN at 7:00 AM and proceed down Highway 50 before moving to  Highway 431 South at Fayetteville TN. The team should pass through Hazel Green around 2:12 PM at mile marker 36, and Meridianville around 3:12 PM at mile marker 41.

When the run enters Huntsville, it will transition to Meridian St at the intersection of 431 / Opal Dr NW around 3:45PM at mile marker 44. At the intersection of Oakwood Ave. the run shifts to the east and finishes using Andrew Jackson Way / California St. finishing at the intersection of McClung and California.  See map below for general route and mile markers.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.51.14 PM.png

The location of specific mile markers within Huntsville are as follows:

  • Mile Marker 45 – Meridian and Whitestone Dr. NE (4PM)
  • Mile Marker 46 -  Meridian and Parker DR NW Alabama A&M (4:12PM)
  • Mile Marker 47 – Meridian and N. Plymouth Rd. NW (4:24 PM)
  • Mile Marker 48 – Meridian and Max Luther Dr. NW (4:36 PM)
  • Mile Marker 49 – Oakwood Ave NE and Andrew Jackson Way (4:48 PM)
  • Mile Marker 50 – California and McClung (5PM)

The run will end on the 7th of July at McClung and California at 5:00 PM.  The team will then regroup at Fleet Feet in Jones Valley Shopping Center (2722 Carl T. Jones Dr. SE) at 7PM to have a day ending ceremony and a dinner for the run participants and Gold Star families that live in this area.

The 8th of July leg will start at Veterans Memorial at 7AM. The run will proceed to California St. and then to Highway 431 South.  It will proceed down Highway 431 and turn east at old 431 / Eastern By-Pass.

The transition mile markers over this stretch are as follows:

  • Mile Marker 1 – Governors Dr. and Bassett SE (7:12AM)
  • Mile Marker 8 -  Hwy 431 and Sutton Rd. (8:36AM)
  • Mile Marker 13 – Little Cove Rd and Old Cove Pl.  (9:36 PM)

See map below for the general route and the mile markers over this 50-mile stretch for the July 8.


For this run to be successful we need help from the local community. Our runners, support staff, and local Gold Star families need motivation and moral boosters as we move through the county. Simply standing roadside along the route with flags and patriotism is a way to both support the mission and honor those whom America's Run for the Fallen is dedicated. The Alabama state chapter is also in need of financial donations to cover food, fuel, and various supplies. These donations can be made to one of the two Alabama state captains, Amanda Goeke (

Lastly, we need people to stand at the Hero Markers, to support the Gold Star families and be present at the reading of the names. This task can be taken up by individuals, families, businesses, sports teams, community organizations, or any other group that wants to participate. Simply contact Amanda with which mile you want to support. Let’s show the rest of America how much north Alabama appreciates and respects its war heroes.

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