Hiring Military Veterans

A military veteran is an individual who has served for a long period in the military and has gained massive experience in that field. Military veterans have a lot to offer to the civilian workforce. They have specific abilities, experiences, and qualities that are valued by employers (Military.com, 2016). This is because of various reasons, one of them being that they have the most effective leadership skills. This is primarily because military personnel have an opportunity to hone their skills in leadership through leadership training and studies on an academic and hypothetical level. Also, military veterans understand responsibility that is driven by their sense of personal and professional integrity (Military.com, 2016). Besides, veterans from the military have an extensive and documented training as well as education that is provided during their service. When hired by a company, therefore, they bring with them both extensive knowledge that is not comparable to most others as well as practical applications for that training. The hiring company will therefore not have to incur money offering fundamental training to them. Taking advantage of the rich source of talent that military veterans have offers employers a chance to bolster their establishments (Military.com, 2016).

Hiring is one of the toughest decisions that hiring managers have to make. This is because the impacts of who to bring into a company can either make or destroy the firm quicker than any other factor. In this sense, therefore, any company intending to hire military veterans should adopt effective practices of doing so.

  • One of the practices includes developing a captivating military recruiting approach that appeals to the veterans by promoting itself as military friendly (Military.com, 2016).
  • The second practice for hiring military veterans is knowing how to transform military jargon into noncombatant skills by maybe using already hired veterans as mentors for newly employed recruits (Military.com, 2016).
  • The third practice is marketing the company as an employer of choice by creating the firm’s trademark within the military community.
  • The fourth practice is utilizing existing governmental and private inventiveness like websites to help in hiring top veteran candidates (Military.com, 2016).

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