How One Army National Guard Veteran Landed the Job He’d Been Hoping For

A Still Serving Veterans Virtual Team Counselor first met Edgar at a RecruitMilitary job fair.

After his service in the Army National Guard, Edgar decided to pursue a career in project management. He knew he would need training, and after some searching, found a great opportunity through the Onward to Opportunity program at Syracuse University.

After a couple of years of hard work, Edgar received a program management certification and began his job search right away.

He quickly found that his lack of experience was making it difficult to actually land the job he was hoping for. Edgar went to interview after interview. So many employers told him how much they liked him, but that they just didn’t have a position open that would be a good fit.

He knew all that he needed was a chance. A chance to show that he could get the job done no matter what, that he could work well under pressure and that he could lead; all skills that he had learned and carried with him after years of serving in the Guard.

In late 2018, Edgar attended the RecruitMilitary job fair where he found Still Serving Veterans. He had been experiencing some discouraging problems in his home life and was searching for anything to bring him hope.

Edgar decided to consult with a Still Serving Veterans counselor to get some insight about what else he could do to break into the project management world.

An SSV counselor met and talked with him about a variety of job-search tactics. She also helped him with his resume. Perhaps most importantly, she suggested that networking would be paramount in breaking into a new field.

Edgars SSV counselor also introduced him to a few contacts through Operation Stand Down Tennessee; contacts that had connections in the project management field, and had Edgar’s best interest at heart.

One of those contacts introduced Edgar to an employer that, just a few weeks later, would offer him a job.

Edgar’s SSV counselor received the following message from him, just a few days before Christmas:

“I got a job offer yesterday and have accepted it! I'm very excited and cannot thank you enough for your help in tweaking my resume, interview coaching, and most importantly for the introduction to John (name changed to preserve privacy). The job came through a meeting and literally would not have happened without an introduction from him.

You helped me get through some discouraging times, both on the job front and in my personal life, and I truly value everything you've done. I look forward to being able to help more vets [like] myself in the future and hope that I'll be able to be a resource for them, the way people I've met through you have been for me.

I was pretty sure something great was coming but wasn't expecting it until after the new year, this was the best Christmas gift I could have received!”

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