How Hiring a Veteran Enhances Your Business

By: Zeke Bolden, US Army Veteran
SSV Veteran Career & Transition Services Counselor

I am not afraid of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of any army of sheep led by a lion.
— Alexander the Great

The greatness of leadership is what separates the United States military from all others.  Every Soldier, Airman, Sailor and Marine are trained as potential leaders. We are developed with the skills needed to lead in the absence of leadership.  It is our culture to band together as one to accomplish the mission through effective teamwork and strategic thinking. From the start, we are taught that winning is a team effort, and we will leave no one behind.  There’s nothing more gratifying than to hear “Mission Accomplished,” knowing that our dedication and commitment is appreciated.

There are many reasons to hire a Veteran for your team.  I’ll discuss three of them made popular from a saying for which Veterans have an endearing affection: “Adapt, Adjust and Overcome.”

Adapt (v): make suitable for a new use or purpose

Veterans are adaptable. The ability to adapt to any environment, situation and condition is a natural skill that Veterans possess. We don’t have to be pampered or be made to feel comfortable to produce or excel.  It is what we instinctively do to accomplish the mission.

Adjust (v): alter or move slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance or result

Veterans adjust quickly and well. When the success of the mission is dependent upon a Veteran, “adjust” becomes their natural response.  We’ve learned to adjust for a better view, better position and better target acquisition. Even in harsh conditions, we learn how to adjust for sustainability, survivability and efficiency.

Overcome (v): succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty

Veterans are overcomers. Fear of failure, deadlines, mass production and aggressive sales goals can be crippling even for the strongest player on the team, but Veterans often have the opposite reaction. Most of us have looked straight into the eyes of an enemy and overcame and prevailed.  Overcoming obstacles is what we do for breakfast, so the rest of the day is productive.

Think of it like this, the United States Military has the most powerful, well-trained and disciplined men and women on the planet.  Now imagine what they would bring to your company, team and employee culture. Veterans understand how to adapt, adjust and overcome in difficult personal and work-life situations. Hiring a Veteran stacks the odds in your favor with highly skilled and motivated employees that are driven to win!  


Written by: Zeke Bolden, US Army Veteran
Veterans Career & Transition Services Counselor
Huntsville, Ala.