Raytheon RayVets Discuss the Military to Civilian Transition

Navigating the Military to Civilian Transition:

Tips from Raytheon RayVets for This "New Beginning"

RayVets Panel

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (March 1, 2018) -- Still Serving Veterans and Raytheon hosted the partnership's second 4-hour coaching and networking workshop titled "Navigating the Real Military to Civilian Transition" at Redstone Federal Credit Union Atrium.

The event was created to support military members who are facing the challenges, intimidation and loneliness often associated with the transition into a civilian career. Though Veterans may be given lots of advice on the topic, understanding how to apply that advice is often challenging at best. This workshop provided an opportunity for Veterans in the civilian workforce to mentor those about to make the transition by sharing personal experience insights and answers to attendees questions -- Veterans helping Veterans. 

A prominent portion of the workshop featured a panel of RayVets, a group of post-transition Veterans currently working for Raytheon as civilians. The RayVets promote and recognize Veteran identities. They were asked to speak on a panel to share their job search advice and experiences of successfully navigating their new civilian life. The panel discussion provided attendees with tools to support their transition and help them find support as they are not alone in their transition from military to civilian.

Additionally, this workshop gave attendees a chance to work in small groups to network, learn from one another, and share experiences.

Below are highlights from the dialogue during the workshop:

Transitioning Challenges:

  • Trust is the foundation!
    • Establishing trust is different in the civilian world. You have to listen and get to know your coworkers.
  • You can’t do this alone!
  • Program management is very different in every industry.
  • For every task find out the bigger picture. Understand how you contribute to goals/ objective of the organization.
  • Rank does not matter anymore.
  • There is no standard operating procedure (SOP) in the civilian world.

Transitioning Advice:

  • Learn to speak “corporate.”
  • Spend the first month getting 3 mentors:
    • Current state mentor
    • Technical mentor
    • Career mentor- someone who is successful and has been around the company
  • Ask for help, give help, and take help.
  • Network!!! Talk to people – network (in person).
  • Family Needs- They also served.
  • Self-reflect.
  • Don’t wait for the next set of orders – you decide your future now.
  • You are now in charge of your destiny!
  • Getting the position is just the start.
  • Be specific, be knowledgeable of the job, and the company.
  • Look and listen before just diving in.
  • Don’t sell yourself short.

“There is a new beginning.”

To hear more of the conversation and watch more live videos of the RayVets panel, visit our Facebook page or visit our Twitter feed for additional tips and quotes from the event. Just search #RayVets.

Click to read Redstone Rocket article "Veterans group serves those who have served" by Katie Davis Skelley   Photo credit: Bryan Bacon, Redstone Rocket

Click to read Redstone Rocket article "Veterans group serves those who have served" by Katie Davis Skelley
Photo credit: Bryan Bacon, Redstone Rocket

Still Serving Veterans would like to thank Raytheon and Redstone Federal Credit Union for their gracious support of this workshop as well as the Redstone Rocket publication for covering the event. For those interested in attending future workshops please contact one of our Veteran & Career Transition Counselors at (866) 778-4645.