From Military to Corporate Workplace - Raytheon Rayvets Share Their Advice

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Veterans get a lot of advice about the "military to civilian" transition.  Virtually all of it is well-meaning -- and some of it is actually useful.  However, it is a rare opportunity when Veterans who have landed-well in the corporate world can share their personal and candid stories and advice with those in the throes of the transition process. 

Still Serving Veterans and Raytheon's Huntsville-based Rayvets joined forces to do just that on Friday, 17 November 2017 in a special workshop entitled "Navigating the Real Military to Civilian Transition: A Coaching and Networking Event." 


A diverse panel of Rayvets was asked to share their advice on the job search and on successfully navigating the new civilian terrain.  Here are the highlights of that dialogue:

Practical Advice About the Job Search

  • One resume does not fit all (tailor your resume)
  • Networking is critically important to finding the right job; begin early
  • Don't jump on the first offer
  • "Let it go!" - goals, desires, paths change!
  • Scope of job; can it change?  "Yep!"
  • Be clear about what you are really looking for in your job search

Acclimating to Corporate Life

  • The sense of urgency often characteristic of the military is often not the norm; "slow your roll"
  • Learn to slow down and readjust
  • Civilian companies work on a different timeline (sometimes years); "take victories along the way"
  • Understand your environment
  • Educate yourself; adopt civilian standards
  • Be patient and learn your new role
  • Recognize that there is a need to be tactful and "PC" (politically correct)
  • Being "in charge" right away may not be desirable; learn the business and the culture
  • You may "move up and down" within the company
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Be willing to diversify your skillsets
  • Map out your career path and know the company's expectations
  • Mission is important, but so too is business
  • Customer is "right"; adapt to the customer;  it is not up to them to adapt to you
  • Your uphill success could be based on the dollars you manage and not people

Transition as Process

Still Serving Veterans helps clients making the military-to-civilian transition to understand that transition is a process.  It can also be an emotional rollercoaster and requires the selective letting go of the past, an exploration of options, and the adjustment to a new place and space. This process is shown graphically here.

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Stlil Serving Veterans also wants to thank Redstone Federal Credit Union for their gracious support of this workshop!